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6 Stunning Sweaters that Transition Easily from Fall to Winter

You’ll notice after grazing over this list that I don’t really do color. After about a decade of trying to convince myself that I like patterns, florals, and vibrant color in general, I’ve finally decided to call it quits. And, though it pains me to say it, my style definitely leans more towards the French aesthetic than it does bold and vibrant Italian. Somehow all those years I spent growing up in Italy have been overshadowed by a sea of neutrals in the wake of moving to New York.

sweater weatherThe older I get, the more I find that I’m drawn to minimalism with a hint of flare. I love solid neutral color blocking with a really great embellished shoe. I also really love contrasting fabric weights against one another. Below you’ll find bulky sweaters with unique shapes to pair with everything from leather skinnies to feminine midi skirts. And, though winter may be swiftly approaching, there’s always a place in my wardrobe for something a little sheer. Much to the surprise of my inner 6-year-old, turtlenecks are one of my favorite pieces to use a base for layering or to wear along under a leather bomber. The sheer number below would actually pair really well with the off-the-shoulder moment I’ve included in this list. After all, who wouldn’t carry over the off-the-shoulder look into winter if they didn’t have to worry about getting cold?

Because I haven’t completely given up on color, I still make an effort  to venture beyond my go-to tones of navy, cream, olive, and grey—albeit, the effort is very minimal. I’ve included a gorgeous red embellished Anthropologie sweater that I could pretty much live in all winter long. Every once in a while, I surprise myself and fall in love with dramatic sleeves. Anthropologie has definitely mastered the art of balancing rustic cool with just the right amount of drama.

Living in New York, I definitely have a love/hate relationship with the months— including and those that fall between—December through May. Sweaters are great until you need six layers and a fur-lined coat just to feel like you’re still roaming amongst the living. I am committing to letting the pieces in my wardrobe meet one another this year, so come May I expect to be a master of stylish layering. If you’ve got any special tricks for wearing pieces in your wardrobe year-round, feel free to share them!




Anthropologie Layered Off-The-Shoulder Pullover

ANTHROPOLOGIE Layered Off-The-Shoulder Pullover, $98 at


Urban Flossy High Neck Jumper

FRENCH CONNECTION Urban Flossy High Neck Jumper, $138 at

Endless Rose Ruffle Sweater

ENDLESS ROSE Ruffle Sweater, $88 at

David Lerner Knit Turtleneck

DAVID LERNER Knit Turtleneck, $84 at

Free People Fiesta Jacket

FREE PEOPLE Fiesta Jacket, $228 at


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