Hi, I’m Virginia “Vi” Lowman, editor of Voici Virginie. After moving to New York from Houston, Texas in 2013 to pursue a career as a fashion editor, something unexpected happened: I fell in love with beauty editorial and ultimately decided to pursue a career in that instead. Having worked my way up the ladder from beauty assistant to beauty editor over

voicivirginieAboutthe past few years, I’ve written and worked for some of the biggest brands in the industry (think: Glamour, Teen Vogue, Marie Claire and Essence magazine to name a few). I’ve also been featured on some pretty awesome sites like Refinery 29 and Gorgeous in Grey.

Here, we’ll cover everything from life goals to skincare and sex. You’ll discover answers to your burning beauty questions, essays on personal care and feminine health, my absolute favorite products, must-have style pieces of the season, topic conversations about Millenial happenings, and everything else in between. You’ll also get a peek into my personal favorite pastimes: cooking and traveling. My hope is that you’ll leave the site more enlightened than when you arrived, that you’ll find something that really speaks to you, and hopefully spark up a conversation about it with your gal pals or an interesting stranger.

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Thanks for stopping by. Don’t forget to subscribe! And, if you have any burning beauty questions or topics you’d like to see covered on VoiciVirginie, shoot me an email at press@voicivirginie.com

Also, be sure to keep up with me via Instagram,  Twitter and Snapchat (VoiciVirginie) to get the inside scoop on my life and some of my favorite things!



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    • Thank you Charlotte! So glad that you’re enjoying it. I have to write more frequently–life takes over and then I’m reminded that I added “Blog” to my to-do list. I actually just moved to NYC as well how funny!
      Keep in touch!
      All the Best,

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